Device for Artists, Designers, Architects and Enthusiasts
154x154x10, 110 g
Moscow, Russian Federation

Design – concept Bi-Luck® represents educational and intellectual device intended for adults and children who study colour science and professionally work with color: artists, painters, designers, architects, decorators.
The device develops an aesthetic perception of colors and their combinations, creative thinking and imagination; serves to understand the laws of color mixing; bases of color contrast and nuance; harmony of main and complementary colors; positively influence on the development of small motor activity of fingers.

The basis of the aesthetic concept of the device-toy is the color circle, consisting of 12 “flower petals”. The toy corpus is colored in monochrome colors – one side is white, opposite side is black; the “petals” represent the colors of the rainbow. The size of the device corresponds to the size of the palm.

The principle of studying colors with help of the device is that it is necessary mechanically rotate the colour elements of the model along the radius R1 of the circle and along the radius R2 of the petals by the fingers. During this time a person sees a possible combinations of primary, secondary and tertiary colors in the petals and understands harmonious and disharmonious Colour Schemes in Colour Circle. This device allows user to see all combinations of colours simultaneous and in context of the solving colour task.

The device consists of the corpus, rotating and movable elements; it is indecomposable. The model made from new ecological composite material. It based on the innovative principle of displacing movable elements along a nonlinear path in geometrical plane (Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2175632).

Innovation device for learning color Rotating Color Circles Bi-Luck® got IFIA Innovation Standard Certificate Grade A (IFIA – International Federation of Inventor’s Associatons, Geneva, Switzerland). 

The Certificate proved the most high grade of innovation for commercialization and will contribute to the realization of the global slogan: Generating wealth through innovative knowledge.

Patent for Invention received awards:

1. Gold Medal. Rotating Color Circles Bi-Luck®.
Second International Invention and Innovation Competition for IFIA INV Members,
2022, Geneva, Switzerland.

2. Bronze Medal. Rotating Color Circles Device.
Inventions Geneva 2021. Geneva, Switzerland.
Category: Teaching Methods and Materials – Art Materials.

3. Runner-Up Status. Bi-Luck – Educational Toy.
A’Design Award & Competition, 2016, Como/Italy.
Category: Toy, Games and Hobby Product Design

4. Prize winner. Rotating Color Circles – Intellectual Toy.
18th BraunPrize – International competition for product design concepts.
BraunPrize2012, Kronberg, Germany.
Theme: Genius design for a better everyday.

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