Spatial Design Studio by Viktor Bilak

Viktor Bilak

Mr. Bilak graduated Stroganov Moscow State Art Industrial University, Russia, Major Industrial Design; studied at Bauhaus Dessau Academy, Germany; graduated International Career Institute ICI, London, United Kingdom, Qualification – Advanced Diploma Interior Design & Decoration. He is the Art Director and founder of Design-Bureau EXPOLEVEL® since 2003; since 2020, he is the Art Director and founder of Spatial Design Studio Bi-Luck®.

Viktor Bilak is the Member of the Association of Designers of Moscow, the Member of the Russia Designers Association and member of the International Association of Designers IAD Italy.

Viktor Bilak is laureate of international design competitions:
Inventions Geneva – 2021, Geneva, Switzerland;
A’Design Award – 2016, 2017, 2020, Milan, Italy;
American Architectural Prize – 2017, New York, USA;
International Design Awards IDA – 2017, Los Angeles, USA;
Russian Victoria – 2010, 2015, 2016, Moscow, Russian Federation;
BraunPrize2012, Kronberg, Germany.

The Inventor and patent-holder of Patent for Invention N2175632 RF in field of design.

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About Studio

The purpose of each design project is to create unique life space using an art image. The esthetics, ergonomics, functionality, comfort, technology and quality of implementation are important for us when designing an architectural object.


The studio designs art concepts for residential and public interiors, for exhibition stands; designs and decorates commercial spaces.

Services and steps of creating interior design project

1. Predesign service

- interview with client
- technical task
- measurement of the object, photo

2. Organizing the space of the object

- architectural planning solutions
- ergonomic solutions
- coordination with client of conceptual plan based on technical rules

3. Creation of the design concept

- creating of sketches of the art concept, discussion with the client
- modelling interiors and exteriors in three-dimensional programs
- creating of views, 3D perspectives

4. Color and light solution of the object

- creating of the color style of the interior
- designing of lighting scheme
- coordination with client of the color and light scheme of the interior
- creating of graphic design for public interiors

5. Designing of functional zones of the object

- floor and ceiling plans, side elevation walls
- furniture layout
- plan of the kitchen, bathroom layout
- electrical equipment scheme
- art and technical descriptions

6. Author’s support of the project

- choice and coordination of finishing materials
- choice and coordination of furniture and accessories
- designing author’s individual elements of the interior

7. Implementation of the project

- proposal for the implementation of the object
- coordination with client check-lists for construction work
- author’s supervision: monitoring the implementation of art concept at the object