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A’Design Awards Yearbook 2017

Exhibition Stand Palitra by Viktor Bilak
Bronze A’Design Award Winner in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category, 2016 – 2017
Award Winning Interior Design Book 2016-2017, Page 412, DESIGNER PRESS, OMC DESIGN STUDIOS SRL, ISBN 978-88-97977-19-3
Exhibition Stand Palitra Exhibition Design

Exhibition Design: Aesthetic concept of exhibition stand Palitra based on the idea of crossing colored ribbons of the wallpaper. This idea realized in the stand as architectural lines of different types. There were straight lines of the walls, semicircular lines of arches, curved lines of frieze. The concept of the stand Palitra reflect the modern approach to the creation of new architectural environment for exterior and interior. The principle of organization of space in modern interior make open space. There are panoramic windows with jalousie on the perimeter of the house and the supporting walls inside.